Venadogen, 20 years Gold Medal

VENADOGEN S.L. selects and breeds the best Ibe- rian red deer (Cervus elephus hispanicus), conserving the genetic purity of our subspecies to obtain the best trophies. The scientific team at VENADOGEN S.L. is a world leader in research on deer antlers. Its aim is to apply in the wild the scientific findings and the exper- tise obtained in the past 20 years in the experimental deer farm. It is a science based company created in the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Trophy, genetics, health

The work is carried out in game estates, deer farms and in our own premises, aiming to breed deer with exceptional trophies. A selection program has been developed for this, including a number of parameters from males and hinds, which produces healthy and high genetic quality individuals.

ciervo iberico

Unique in Europe

We have also developed nutrition with the novelty of basing it in previous testing of mineral deficiencies assessed in antler composition. This is technique developed after long years of our own antler research. There is no other farm, either experimental or private, that conducts thoroughly this system.

Antler analysis

We incorporate the most advanced, novel and powerful technology for assessing histology, mineral composition of the antler, structure, and mechanical properties both at architectural level and the mechanical quality of the bone material. With these techniques we can detect, diagnose, and correct mineral deficiencies. In turn, this allows to advice on the minerals needed to supplement in the diet in order to improve the trophy in its main characteristics: length, weight, circumference, and beauty.

Excellence, training and management

The excelence of the training we offer, and the consultancy in game management we put at your disposal is based in the top academic qualification and the experience of decades in research and deer management of the members forming part of the company. Our aim is to join theory and practice in a continuous process of improvement.

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