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The interest of the research of Venadogen resulted in having a very large number scientific papers (more than 150, of which 90 are SCI in the best journals of 14 research areas). In addition, our interest in dissemination took our papers to the following magazines: The Zentryo, Japan; Oxota, Russia; Lowiec Polski y Brac Lowiecka, Poland; MMD, Latvia; Pirsch, Germany; Anblick, Austria; Svet myslivosti, Czech Republic; Voyages de Chasse, France; Deer, United Kingdom; Caza y Safaris, Trofeo, y Jara y Sedal, Spain, and in more countries in the near future.
Venadogen, S.L.
Parque Científico y Tecnológico
Paseo de la Innovación, 3
02006 Albacete · Spain
Tel. +34 654129715
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