Our services: Improve your game estate or deer farm.

Venadogen offers a list of services of game consulting and, for Spain, sales of stags and hinds of trophy and genetic quality:

  • Service of diagnostic of mineral deficiencies and management problems based on antler mineral composition, mechanical properties, structure, and histology.
  • Scientific and technical training in deer management, nutrition, and in general in game management in game estates, including practicals in the deer experimental farm (best in Europe) for technicians, and qualified farm/deer park workers either Spanish or international.
  • Scientific and technical training in any aspect of deer biology carried out in any country, in Spanish and English, including our own technical translator in Russian language.
  • Game consultancy of any type.
  • Projects of creation or improvement of deer farms and parks/game estates, and optimisation of management in those already functioning in any country.
  • Sale of stags, spikers and hinds of animals of high trophy quality.
The first step to improve profitability and achieve a success in management is to work with Venadogen.

Do not waste your time searching for Solutions that research and management experience found a long ago.

The deer offered by Venadogen are outstanding for their trophy, purely Iberian, and of guaranteed health. You will not find equal in any other experimental or commercial farm.

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